privacy policy

The Company handles personal information appropriately, recognizes the importance of social responsibility to protect,
Has established as follows the policy regarding personal information protection in order to maintain and promote a healthy and safe management activities with customers and business partners, we will practice.

Basic policy
(1) all officers, employees, and to persons who work in the Company’s management under, recognizes the importance of personal information, make the education necessary to comply.
(2) Acquisition of personal information, use, was carried out by lawful and appropriate management for the offer, only carried out in the extent necessary to achieve the specified purposes, it does not do is use outside the purpose.
(3) Except as based on the person in question if there is an agreement or law, it does not have to provide the acquired personal information to third parties.
(4) In order to keep the personal information to the appropriate state, and appointed a personal information management officer, and take the appropriate management.
(5) unauthorized access to personal information, personal information loss, destruction, as well as take precautions so as not to cause an accident, such as falsification and leakage, and will be carried out promptly corrective measures in the event of occurrence.
(6) With regard to complaints and consultation, we have established the following “Contact Center for the protection of personal information”, we will be hit in the corresponding.
(7) Personal information management officer, has the responsibility and authority for the implementation and operation of the compliance program, continuously review, you can make improvements.
(8) When the handling of personal information, we will comply laws and regulations, and social norms regarding personal information that country stipulated.

External transmission of the Privacy Policy
This policy all officers, employees, and with to disseminate to those who work in the Company’s management under, it will be published on our website.

Inquiry window for the protection of personal information
Contact: Corporation Genuine, personal information management officer: representative director Hitoshi Nakajima